SO Mg Magnesium Oil Spray 150ml


Replenish your magnesium levels quickly and effectively with this pure, natural, magnesium oil spray. It's a little 10 second addition to your daily well-being routine that can have a big impact.

This simple glass bottle of goodness contains only top quality, naturally harvested magnesium chloride flakes and distilled water.


Your new secret weapon for relaxation

It's simply liquid magnesium chloride. It feels like a light oil and you rub it into your skin to replenish your magnesium levels, quickly and easily.

Known as the miracle mineral, magnesium is used in over 1000 bodily functions. The stuff that keep us functioning that we are blissfully unaware of. Differences you might notice are:

Stress relief and improved mood


Improved sleep

Fewer sore, tight muscles, headaches, cramps and restless legs

Energy boost (sounds like the opposite of the relax and sleep parts, but it?s all related!)

Why Salt & Oil SO Mg?

Our oil is made with pure, concentrated magnesium flakes that are formulated to both food and pharmaceutical specifications, with no added fillers like flow agents. We add filtered water. That?s it. As with all our products, it?s not been tested on animals. Only very happy humans!

Did you know?

You can also use your magnesium spray as a deodorant? Just not straight after you?ve shaved your armpits though!!

If you experience chocolate cravings it?s thought your body is giving you a big hint that it needs some magnesium. Try using your mag oil every day and see if it makes a difference!

Pro Tip ? If you?re lucky enough to go for a massage, take your magnesium oil with you so your therapist can super boost your session!