Guidelines For Multimeter Use With Your Earthing Products Only

Check the amounts of electrical currents you are being exposed to and see how Earthing can quickly reduce them.


You Will Need

- Digital Multi Meter

- Alligator Clip X 1

- 3 meter Extension Cord ( Available instore under Accessories) 

- Earthing Adapter Plug (Available instore under Accessories - Comes with every Kit and holds two Earthing products)

Please Note -

You will not need another Adapter Plug for checking with a Multi Meter if you already have one.

In order to test your Earthing mat through a sheet, it is important to keep in mind that we are able to ground through our sheet by
taking advantage of the moisture from our bodies' natural perspiration. You can perform a standard body voltage test in order to test the effectiveness of your connection while lying in bed, and it can be most accurate to perform this test after lying in bed
for at least 5 minutes, or before getting out of bed in the morning.


Guidelines for Multimeter

These guidelines are for measuring how much electrical current a person is being exposed to in a particular situation and how much the electric charge is reduced by Earthing or Grounding in that same situation.

The ground in electricity is our “o” point (the same as when you step on scales to weigh yourself it will be at 0 first, then when you step on it, it will go up to your weight amount say 70 kilos). So the “0” is our reference point.


  1. Connect Alligator Clip to Multi Meter prong.
  2. Make sure the separate Multimeter cords are connected and pushed in tightly. a. Black terminal cord in COM b. Red terminal wire in VΩma
  3. You will need your earthing adapter plug that should have come with your Earthing products.
  4. Plug the Adapter plug into a power board, extension cord or directly into the power point. Power does not need to be switched on.
  5. Clip the Multimeter alligator clip cord (could be black or red) into one of the receptacle holes of the adapter plug - making sure the metal alligator clip is making direct contact with the metal insert of the plug hole.
  6. Now insert the Earthing cord pin* – which should be attached to your Earthing Product, into the other side of the plug. *This pin is at the end of the Earthing Cord, which is clipped to your Earthing product that you are testing, eg. Earthing mat or sheet.
  7. To test using a grounding rod you will need a splitter to take the place of the plug and follow the same directions. (Available from our web site – accessories)
  8. You are now ready to test
  9. Turn Dial to ~V (AC – Alternating Current) First on Dial Display
  10. Hold the tip of the metal probe between your fingers or touch bare skin with it.
  11. Look at the screen and observe your voltage measurement without being in any contact with an Earthing product. That is, you still have shoes on or your feet are on carpet or a wooden floor – disconnected from the earth.
  12. Measurement will be displayed on Display Panel
  13. Now place your barefoot or hand on an Earthing product while still holding the probe, such as the Earthing mat, and re-check the voltage which should now be reduced considerably. (There is usually around 50 to 100 fold decrease in electricity that is hitting your body which is always variable).

Disconnect from Earthing product and watch the voltage increase.


Reconnect to Earthing product again and watch it decrease.


Please note: Measurements of voltage will vary in each situations and product – this is just a guide.

Discover Earthing – a remarkably simple, safe and natural act to bring the body back to a balanced electrical state.

Observation and research have shown that Earthing may help reduce

  • The cause of Inflammation
  • Chronic Pain · Stress
  • Electromagnetic irritation on the body
  • Muscle Tension While
  • Promoting a better and deeper sleep
  • Dramatically increase healing
  • Improve blood pressure and thins blood
  • Increase energy
  • Reduce or eliminates jet lag

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any assistance.