New Zealand Reviews

I just wanted to say a massive thank you to you and your earthing mat product. My mother was diagnosed with autoimmune arthritis 8 months ago. She has spent over $2000 on doctor and specialist visits to get answers and keeps being told she needs to learn how to live with her symptoms and that this is genetic, drugs are the answer.

Her symptoms are: pain in joints, swelling in hands, wrists, feet, ankles and fluid sacks on her elbows.

I heard about earthing through a friend so convinced mum to walk along the beach barefoot daily and buy an earthing mat, within one week all her symptoms have gone!!!! No pain, no swelling, fluid has gone form her elbows and yesterday she was vacuuming, she has not been able to do this for 4 months!

Words cannot express how happy I am, you have given me my old mother back again!

I will be spreading the word about your brilliant products. 

Thank you Earthing NZ, you rock!



I have all the Earthing products, well most of them. Been using them for some time now, they are just awesome! I have been following Clint and all that he and his team have done. My blessings to you!



I have to say that both the wife and me felt a difference with 2 nights sleep on the Elite Mattress Cover. I felt very energized waking up...and that is unusual for me but we're in doubt whether its the mind or the grounding.

( We then sent Freddie a link to using a multimeter to check emf levels with and without touching the mat. The following is his reply)

You'll be glad to hear ( not surprised, I'm sure ) I had success with the test. It's a wonderful feeling to know for sure we are grounded now....sorry but I just had to make sure.

Thank you very much for your help and patience. It's much appreciated.



I slept on the sleep mat last night and for the first time in 11 years I woke without body pain and stiffness! I cried! Thank you so much.



I want to thank you for the above product which I have recently purchased.

I have noticed I do not have restless feet/legs any more which is amazing. I also noticed my feet were not achy on getting up and walking first thing in the morning.  I normally take a hot water bottle to bed to soothe my legs and feet and I do not need it any more.  The elite mattress cover is amazing.  I then purchased the pillow case cover too. I am addicted to earthing!

Thank you so much.



Hi there
My husband bought an Elite mattress cover in June this year and I have been meaning to let you know..
What a difference! Since about 10 days after starting grounding I haven’t had any lower back pain, I sleep immediately, in much longer stretches, so more in total, also hardly ever dream anymore which I don’t miss! Feel far more energised on waking and generally better. Also realised I haven’t had one headache in this time.
Thankyou for what you do.