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The Results Are In ...

The Earthing Institute in the US recently sent out a survey to Earthing customers asking for feedback on how Earthing is helping them.

Respondents from across the globe took part in the survey to share their own personal stories about Earthing. From pain relief to resolved respiratory issues, increased energy and improved sleep, the results of the survey show the numerous and various ways that regular Earthing is helping people to support their health and well-being. 

Here are just some of stories that were sent in:

“Pain reduction and much more”

KG, a California woman, 72, has been grounding since January 2020 (half sheet in bed at night, floor mat 1 to 2 hours/day, and barefoot outside at least ½ hour when possible):

“Earthing has benefited me in so many ways, such as improved sleep, pain reduction (almost all gone), improved mood and energy, change in body composition (less fat, more muscle), increased strength, improved peripheral circulation (no numbness in fingers anymore), no delayed onset muscle soreness, and improved sense of smell.”

“Asthma gone!”

Mike Williams, 46, in Fleet, Hampshire, England: “I used to regularly pick up colds, and having been diagnosed with asthma since I was aged 7 (I am now 46!), I also suffered with chest complications. In early 2018 I was hospitalised with double pneumonia which was around the time I discovered Earthing. I started using Earthing mats and wearable straps, and my children both sleep on Earthing sheets/mats. My symptoms were severe and I started grounding as part of my recovery after leaving hospital. I was advised that the standard recovery time after double pneumonia would take me 3 months before I felt back to ‘normal.’ I would say that I was fully recovered within 4-6 weeks. As I have continued to use Earthing daily, I have noticed that I no longer need inhalers for my asthma which now seems to have gone completely. Earthing has helped heal my asthma to such an extent I feel as though I no longer have the condition so I feel this has helped me 100%. I feel more calm and energised. I sleep more deeply and wake up more refreshed. Whenever I do pick up a cold now they are always minor and can sometimes disappear overnight, and are usually fully resolved within a day or two. My children both play a lot of sports and pick up knocks and injuries and I feel that because they both sleep on Earthing mats that they recover quicker. One of my sons suffered a large gash on his hand that required hospital treatment and was advised there would be a large scar for life. The wound healed quickly and there is no scar at all. I feel calm, and relaxed. I sleep well virtually every night.”

“I had fibromyalgia but no longer”

CKJ, female, 61: “I started grounding outdoors some 20 years ago and later slept grounded. I had fibromyalgia but no longer. I attribute a significant part of my mental, physical and spiritual well-being to my daily time touching the earth beneath my feet. It’s like building a house on a solid foundation vs landfill. There seems to be a domino effect once you surrender to the vibration/frequency of the earth!”

“Lower back pain improved 80%”

From a woman, 61: “I started Earthing on a sleep mat 2-3 months ago. I had lower back pain before I started. Now, it is about 80 percent improved.”

“Not even a minor flu”

CM, male, 65, Bogota, Columbia, has been walking barefoot in the morning for a half-hour for two-and-a half-years: “I have not had even a minor flu. Helps me get through the day. I have insomnia, without feeling tired.”

“Much improved swollen ankle, better sleep”

KK, female, 75, from Denver, walking barefoot outdoors daily since December for 15 minutes to 2 hours. Reports no symptoms: “A swollen ankle is much improved, and sleep is 25-50% better.”

“Much improved heart issues and arthritis”

CG, male, 74, and wife, 66, from Utah: “I’m in pretty good health. Had a heart attack about 12 years ago, have recovered from that. Do power walks (with interval anaerobics) 5 days a week and lift weight 3 times a week. We have an Earthing 1/2 Sheet that works so well for both me and my wife, we travel with it. Get great sleep. Also have Earthing foot mats at the computer desk and one at the chair where I sit and read. Since starting grounding about 6 years ago, I average about 12 hours a day. Heart issues seemed to have gone away. My cardiologist says whatever I'm doing, keep doing it. My wife has pretty bad arthritis, and Earthing makes the pain go away. We just feel better. My heart, maybe 90% improvement. My wife's arthritis, 90% improvement. When we have traveled overseas we take a 1/2 sheet with us, wake up next morning absolutely no jet lag.”

“Extra heart beat no longer”

From B, female, 60, in New Zealand. Since 2013 has used Earthing sheets and a mat under her computer keyboard for a total of about 12 hours of grounding a day. Since age of 12, and throughout her life, has experienced "an extra beat in the heart when stressed or concentrating.” She says she had read about Earthing, was curious but skeptical, and decided to try it. Results: “My heart immediately stopped beating irregularly and only does so when I'm travelling without a grounding product.”

“Symptom free, not even seasonal allergies”

EMB, 60, male, from Alberta. Canada, been grounding many hours both indoors (universal mat at desk and TV chair, sleep mat) and grounded footwear outdoors: “For more than 10 years my partner and I have been committed to the healing power of the Earth. Been perfectly healthy ... Been symptom free this flu season. Not even seasonal allergies. Many benefits, most of which have elevated us to a new state of health that we don't notice as much as we did at the beginning. Sleep improvements, muscle and joint, vision, immune system and inflammatory modulation.”

“Tongue infection, body odour gone in 2 days...stopped blood pressure medication”

From Jennifer Watanabe, 64, Pearl City, Hawaii: “For 6 years I had an undiagnosed infection on the right back side of my tongue. It was hard to eat, swallow or spit. VOILA! Within 1 day of Earthing, it was completely gone! I just walked barefoot outside on wet grass for couple of hours. I always also had bad, really bad body odor. No antiperspirants worked. Going vegan did not help. Soap and water was not enough. After 2 days of Earthing (2 hours a day barefoot on my wet grass), no smelly me. YAY!”

"Now the kicker! I had to STOP my blood pressure meds ... it was getting too low ... same method ... same time frame."
“After a week of barefoot walking on my lawn, I received my two Earthing mats. I use them daily...sleeping, sitting, etc. I have no pain, no high blood pressure drugs, no smelly me, no anxiety, and I sleep better. What a blessing.”

“More energy, less stress”

LC, male, 89, Austin: “I am in a hospice house, have balance and heart problems, and am in a wheelchair. I earth on the ground for a half-hour daily until I get a mat. I have more energy and less stress.”

“My go-to for stress release”

From a woman, 53, in Seattle: “When I ground all the stress drains right out of me, improves my mood, and clears my head. It's my go-to for stress release, even in the rain.”

“No more shoulder pain”

HH, male, 88, North Carolina, reports he’s been getting cortisone shots for shoulder pain. Started sleeping grounded with sheet and pillow cover. “No more pain or shots.”

“No age related aches or pains"

DB, female, 72, from Belgium, grounding since 2013, reported “not been sick with flu or colds the last few years.” She sleeps on a grounding mat, and walks barefoot. She said she felt some malaise, less than usual energy, and slightly feverish for several days in March. “I was not sick but I felt my body was fighting off something. I heal quickly when I do damage to my body. I have no age related aches or pains.”

“Patches take back pain away”

Mike, 73, reported lower back for some weeks. Then he applied the Earthing patches to his back, which “knocked all the pain out. The pain would come back when the patch was off. Not a cure but definitely takes the pain away when on.” He also used a bed mat and found that he sleeps much deeper (“50% better after a week”) and when he wakes up for the bathroom trip he goes back to sleep much faster.

“Able to conceive after Earthing for 1 month”

From a woman, 41, in Brooklyn: Reports that she was “unable to get pregnant from age 18 to 33.” She started sleeping grounded on an Earthing sheet in 2012 and “became pregnant after 1 month.”

“Keeps COPD and muscle disorder (MND) in check”

From George, 81, in Scotland, who first contacted us in 2012 telling us how Earthing has helped his various health conditions, including severe COPD, from smoking and working with asbestos as a carpenter earlier in life, and motor neuron disease (MND), a condition that affects all muscles in the throat, hands, feet, and legs, as well as balance. He can’t walk or talk very well. Over the years he has continued using a mat on the floor during breakfast and one in bed that helps with leg cramps. “Earthing has helped keep the MND and COPD at bay,” he now says. “And I haven’t had colds or flu in over 15 years.”

“Chronic fatigue and psoriasis gone”

From a man, 82, in Brooklyn: Started grounding in 2011 using a sheet and a floor mat. He had severe chronic fatigue and it was gone after a few weeks of Earthing, and psoriasis gone after a few months.

“Mental, prostate, and pH effects”

Alfred from Idaho, 82, is a longtime raw fooder who monitors his pH level daily. “Ungrounded, I can keep pH at around 7.4 roughly. When adding grounding, pH can jump to 8.0 fairly easily. This is what you want for healthy cell regeneration and a strong immune system. Earthing is essential for that level of pH.” Alfred has been grounding for more than 2 years, and uses Earthing floor and bed mats, and sometimes a patch on the palm. He has made some grounded shoes. “I’m grounded 24/7.” He says Earthing has contributed significantly to fixing his “stopped-up prostate,” and that his “thinking and intuition have much improved.” Note: (One of the body’s functions is to maintain a healthy balance in your blood and other fluids between alkalinity and acidity, in a numerical range from 0 to 14. Lower numbers relate to acidity. Higher numbers to alkalinity. Neutral is around 7, like pure water. Blood is around 7.35, or slightly alkaline).

“Resolved sinusitis and breathing problems leads to improved Afib”

From Knollis Edward Byrd, 90, New Albany, MS: “Been grounding for about two months. I have had sinusitis for several years, confirmed twice by cat scan. Nose clogged every night. Treated with antibiotics, prescriptions, saline wash. Did not help. I could not use a CPAP. After two weeks of Earthing, using a grounded pillowcase and arm band, I had no more breathing problems. I have had 4 or 5 urinary calls nightly with slow stream. After Earthing only one per night, there was already a better stream. Previous visits to urologist not helpful. He suggested prostate surgery at my age!!! I have also had atrial fib and my cardiologist had me wear a heart monitor and portable defibrillator. I changed cardiologists. A recheck showed change of ejection fraction of 24 to improved 45. Afib likely a result of irregular nightly breathing caused by maybe chronic sinusitis. No more problems with Afib since chronic sinusitis is gone. Still use two blood pressure pills. But after only two weeks Earthing blood pressure was steady systolic 115-135 over diastolic 70- 85 with heart rate resting at 60 +/- 5. I have now discontinued Eliquis. Cardiologist visit last month said no more problems. Next visit in 12 months. Gradual energy improvement from Earthing. Combined with 30 min/day rebounding (mini trampoline), 60 oz ionized (8.5 pH) water."

“Off thyroid meds, allergies better, sleep better, and no macular degeneration progression”

From Tom, 70, who has been grounding since 2015, using a half-sheet. He has been diagnosed with a thyroid condition and macular degeneration. He reports “off thyroid meds, allergies better, sleep better, and eyes have not become worse. No advanced macular degeneration.”

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