SO Active 500gms


Your sports recovery bath soak.

SO:Active is our original recovery bath soak that was designed for the New Zealand mens rugby team. Add half the pouch to a warm bath and feel your tension evaporate. You can also use it as a foot soak - you'll still absorb enough magnesium through your skin for your muscles to benefit.

It contains Natural Epsom Salt and Organic Sodium Bicarb to ease muscles and neutralise lactic acid, plus a blend of 5 essential oils that your muscles will love after a workout.

Magnesium oil is a fast, easy way to safely top up your magnesium levels. Active people get through a lot of their magnesium supply during their workout, match or big event. Top athletes enjoy magnesium oil massages. But do note - the magnesium oil 'tingle' is a thing, so be careful where you massage it!