Health By Nature - Imunese

Health By Nature - Imunese



Imunese ? your new natural immune support dietary supplement

 Imunese is designed for effective support for the immune system defences 

 Imunese is made from pure 100% natural ingredients.

 Imunese contains Zinc which is an essential trace mineral for immune support

Who should take Imunese?   

  • Those who desire to support a balanced and healthy immune system defence.
  • Someone struggling with their health and in need of immune support.
  • Those who lead busy and potentially stressful lifestyle

What's in Imunese?

Colloidal Zinc 10ppm/10mgL, Colloidal Silver 5ppm/5mgL, & ultra-purified water.

Why Zinc & Silver?

Studies on Zinc report that:

  • Zinc supports the body?s defences
  • The human body needs Zinc to support essential immune responses
  • Zinc supports a balanced immune system

Colloidal Silver has been used successfully internationally as a natural support to the body's immune system for over thirty years.

  • The synergetic combination of high-quality nano Colloidal Silver & nano Colloidal Zinc results in a powerful & unique high bioavailable immune support supplement. 
  • Both Zinc and Silver have a good safety profile when used as commercially prepared nano sized Silver and Zinc particles at recommended low levels of consumption.

Imunese is:

  • Free of Sweeteners, Artificial Flavours, Chemical Additives & Preservatives, Fillers, Colours, and Calories
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Vegan friendly
  • Gluten, Soy, Dairy & GMO Free
  • Made in New Zealand